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One of the most common questions we get is why Japan needs missionaries. They are rich, they are prosperous but most people don’t realize that Japan is the largest unreached people group in the world. There are 127 million people in Japan, One-third of them live in the Kanto Region. Tokyo is one of the largest urban centres in the world. To study and contrast, there is the ancient; there is the tradition with temples and shrines, many of the old ways still visible on every street corner. There is also a modern, progressive city that is constantly running forward. 

There is a very rich, there is the very poor. Though Japan is materially well off; it’s spiritually very poor. Out of 692 large cities 86 have only one church and 1o large cities have no church at all. There is only one missionary for every 5, 60, 00 Japanese. Shinto and Buddhism are the main religions in Japan. Is the religion widely practised but unseen or widely believed? 79% of Japanese we will ask if they had to choose a religion, they express their greatest interest in Christianity. Why, why don’t they come to reasons? After world war II Hiro Hitho an emperor declared to the nation that he was to God. 

Something was born in the heart of the Japanese at that point when they began to wonder, well if then this man was a God isn’t anymore. Then how can we trust anything and hopeless began to intervene in the Nation. 11 percent of Japanese wish that they had never been born. 85% of young people wonder if they exist. Hopeless in Japan can only be answered by the God who made them the God who knows why he created them. Japan is the 6th highest suicide rate on the planet and an estimated 30000 people a year take their own life, that’s 100 people a day. That is 3 people every hour committee suicide in Japan.

Francis Xavier said the Japanese are one of the finest people he has ever met on the planet. This was the Nation that thrives for the gospel. We still see in Japanese is beautiful people, they are hospitable, they are smart, they are attentive to the details and they are striving for excellence. They are incredibly smart, funny and hospitable. They have so much talent and gifts. There are amazing things about this culture at the same time families are breaking down. Fathers work so many hours that their kids see them an hour or less in a week, fatherless people, fatherless Nation and fatherless generation. 

There are men and women dwelling up in this country who don’t know who they are, they don’t know what it means to be mature. Many Japanese experience hopeless almost constant reality in life. So what is the answer? Jesus is the answer. It’s clear that Jesus is the source of hope. It’s clear that Jesus is the only one. He called this Nation. He said I call you by name to be my chosen people. I believe that God is going to turn this into one of the greatest missionary ending Nations in the world. I believe that the Japanese are the key to reaching the rest of Asia and reaching the Muslim Nation. 

There is the only way that they are ever going to know if you say yes. We need teachers, Professionals, Athletes and Artists. If you have gifts we need you to come and with what Lord has gifted you with to reach the Nation that is the cause for revival cause for being released as a sending nation. That is the cause for revival cause for being released as a sending nation. The real question is why not Japan.

But the real question is why not Japan

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