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David Balan

David Balan Testimony

   I am (David) Balan from Dharmapuri district, Tamil Nadu. I am the eldest son of my parents. My father passed away 25 years ago in an accident. Six years passed by. 4 Years younger brother also passed away.

   Two years passed and my education was like a cat on the wall. My mother was in an agony. Her only intention is to save my life rather herself. She planned to leave me in an orphanage. We got admission to a Christian orphanage at Salem, Tamil Nadu. 

   The transformation in my life started to take place. I was doing my fourth grade. As I am a fatherless child, the Pastor and his whole family started to give special care in my studies and in all other parts of my life. There I came to know about Jesus Christ.

   I joined my B. Tech Information Technology in Adhiparasakthi Engineering College, Melmaruvathur. Two years rolled over. During the third year of my college, I rented a room in Chengalpattu beside a church. I was led by the Holy Spirit to go to the church.

   Finally, I started to go to church regularly and Pastor Paul Gunasegaram and Mrs Rachel Paul encouraged me to grow spiritually. I started to build a personal relationship with God. God spoke to me clearly and gave me the vision to do His work. After my Engineering, God was calling me to do His work as a missionary. He also confirmed through servants of God. I was in a predicament because if I work for God then who will take care of my mother? She is dreaming that I will earn and lift up the family.

   I was reasoning to God that my mother is all alone so I cannot work as a missionary. Finally, I gave up. In spite of all other situations, with all my heart I joined GEMS, Bihar on January 6th, 2011.

   I worked in the Research and development department. Then I was sent to Madhya Pradesh, Satna for church planting ministry on 18th September 2012.

   In spite of my family’s opposition, I requested my mother that I will join hands in marriage with a Christian. As I prayed I was able to see the chains got released one by one and my family finally accepted for Christian marriage. I got married to Nelly Joanna Rani on August 22nd 2013. Almost all the village people came from Vadagarai to Tirunelveli to witness my wedding.

   We were doing church planting ministry in Majhgawan, Satna district, Madhya Pradesh. We pioneered a church in Majhgawan and we have also pioneered a church in Manikpur, Utter Pradesh. In 2015 God spoke to me to conduct a crusade in Manikpur, Utter Pradesh. We conducted a major crusade for three days. And there were the good result and many people were healed, delivered and accepted Jesus as their personal saviour.

Joanna Balan

Joanna Balan Testimony

I am Nelly Joanna Rani; I was born and brought up in a Christian family. When I was born, my parents dedicated me to Gods work.  Often my parents use to teach us the history of missionaries. This personally influenced me a lot, and I felt that one day I too want to be a missionary to serve people. But years went on. When I started to know more about the world, it started to influence me, losing my focus. I had my own plan for my life. Whenever God spoke to me to surrender my life for His ministry, I was doing that just for the time being. I reasoned to God that I am not ready to sacrifice my future and my children’s life. I said that I want a life that must be easy, and I want to live my whole life for myself.  But God was persistent in perusing me so that one day I would surrender my life for God’s Work. Wherever I went, God uses to speak through many men of God that He calls me for His ministry. When I finished my UG, I realized that God needs me to build up His kingdom, and he has a special plan for my life. I realized that I was running out of His plan and surrendered my life for His work. He revealed to me His plans for my life. I got married, and I was doing ministry with my husband in Madhya Pradesh. I had a passion for teaching, and so to learn the Hindi Language, I started to teach the local students the English language, and in return, I asked them to teach me Hindi. I got acquainted with the children’s parents. I taught them the ethics of Life and also spread the gospel.

When my husband got the vision for Japan, I asked God to reveal the ministry he has for me. He reminded me about two dreams that I dreamt of and the prophecy. Then I accepted the calling and role which God has for me in Japan.

Vision for Japan

Our ministry went well, and we were working for pioneering more house churches. As a husband and wife, both fasted for seven days and asked God for the next step. God spoke to us through Psalms 20:4. After finishing the prayer, God put a desire in my heart for Japan. Then I understood that God is calling me to Japan as a missionary. We kept this vision in our prayers so that it would rip one day. God confirmed our vision for Japan through servants of God. I shared my vision for Japan with my Organization leader. He advised me to take one year leave to explore the country to opened doors. Then I handed over my ministries to other missionaries and came to Tamil Nadu for seeking the right way God wants us to go. 

I want to share few things about how God worked for us. When my mother and relatives came to know that I have become a Christian and a missionary, they forced me to join for work leaving my ministry, and also they compelled me to show my family situations. The Zeal for God made me to tore all my certificates so that they would not compel me further to leave my ministry. When God gave us the vision for Japan, I asked God that I have to obtain my passport for which I need my certificates. In the month of October 2015, I came to Tamil Nadu and tried to obtain my certificates, for which I have to undergo police permission. I tried but couldn’t get permission. I said to God that If Japan vision is true, then open doors to get all my certificates so that I could take a passport. Later Of October, due to the Chennai flood, the Government announced assuring to give lost certificates. I applied, and I received the entire certificate within a week without spending a penny. I praise God!

God lead us to join with YWAM, and I completed my DTS. We contacted the japan YWAM.  We got connected with Mrs Louis from YWAM. She said that God spoke to her to release us to enter Japan before she leaves for U. S. she invited us to attend the YWAM National Conference and to find the Place God wants us to work. 

We went to Japan to attend the conference and met the leaders of the YWAM National, and we are being invited to join hands in church planting ministry with Mr John Ladue and Brian Smith at Katsushika, Tokyo.

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