Crusade Ministry

Being a missionary for more than 10 years. God has enabled us to conduct Crusades in the name of “Light in the Darkness” in northern India. This was not as easy as we think but as the bible says “With God all things are possible” (Matthew 19:26) He made this happen by connecting the right people. This ministry primarily focuses on conducting crusade ministry from north-south and east-west in all the cities with the help of local churches.


“Our Gospel Id Not Come To You In Word Only, But Also In Power, And In The Holy Spirit And In Much Assurance.” 1 Thessalonians 1:5; Isaiah 44:28; 45:1-3.


“YWAM Crusade team is concentrating to conduct open Gospel meetings in every cities, each and every corners of Japan. The team will work on the theme “Light in the Darkness”. The team will bring Gospel of peace into the people those who are dwelling in darkness and shadows of death to see the great light of Jesus Christ. The purpose of this ministry is to strengthen the local churches and pioneer new churches. The committed souls will be sent to the local churches. If there is no church, a new church will be pioneered through their contact.”

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