Church Ministry

We are working with Gospel Grow Up Church, Ayase for more than 3 years. The church has been already working with Japanese and international people for more than 25 years. The pastor of this church is Keiko Oshiro was an Ex-President of Four Square. As they have Japanese service which we part of it. We started a Bilingual service which is English to Japanese.


“By The Three Hundred Men Who Lapped I Will Save You, And Deliver The Midianites Into Your Hand.” Judges-7:7

These 300 men are not single but were families. So this church will be established with 300 families according to Judges-7:7.


“Be Diligent To Know The State Of Your Flocks, And Attend To Your Herds; When The Hay Is Removed, And The Tender Grass Shows Itself, And The Herbs Of The Mountains Are Gathered In, The Lambs Will Provide Your Clothing, And The Goats The Price Of A Field; You Shall Have Enough Goats’ Milk For Your Food, For The Food Of Your Household, And The Nourishment Of Your Maidservants.” Proverbs -27:23-27.

Church service

We have a bilingual(English to Japanese) service once a month. Every month last week we have service.

Bible Study

We have bible study on a weekly basis. If you would like to conduct a bible study in your house contact us.

Personal Counseling

We are always available for personal counselling. If you need biblical counselling to contact us.

Healing Prayer

If you need healing prayer. Please contact us. We are always available to help you.

Sunday School

This is an absolutely free the cost Kids program. Every Sunday we have this program. We teach the bible and biblical values to the Kids.

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